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My career has always orientated itself around people. For over 10 years, in youth & community organisations, cafe’s and management roles,  I've been honing in on my strengths, values and passions. Always pushing to build strong teams, whilst developing individuals.

Sometimes though, those all-encompassing roles have gotten in the way. Know what I mean?

My true passion, developing people, is now my focus & my craft.

I'm pumped to unleash Obst amongst the small business owners of New Zealand (and beyond!).

I've had the joy and input of Alysen Merrill, a Strengthfinders coach. Having intentional coaching has always lead to a deeper understanding of myself and smashing my roadblocks. Epic stuff.

In my spare time you'll find me enjoying my 18m2 Tiny House, hanging out with my little sister (from big brother big sisters) and cruising around on my rusty bike. I’m a lover of making & drinking coffee, who isn’t?!


My Values

Present: I'll never send an email without thinking about it, I'll never let my phone interrupt a session. I am where I am.

Deep: invest in myself to invest in others from a place of depth.

Energetic: I'll bring my A-game, every time.

Connected: hang out with inspiring people & link others freely.


p.s Obst is the German word for 'fruit'...

But there's more to the name of my venture-  it signifies my pursuit of a fruitful life... a vibrant & life-giving life, ushering others into their potential.