development done differently

You're vibrant, creative, and love what you do.

But sometimes pesky roadblocks are getting in the way- lack of direction; confidence; balance; or isolation are causing you headaches.

I can be your ear, your freelance manager per se, the person to guide you through processes that unlock understanding, accountability, and action.



Coaching is an intentional relationship. A coach uses active listening and tools to help you clarify and action strategies that move you beyond roadblocks to achieving your goals. For business & life. 

Business coaching has typically been for CEOs in the corporate world, I'm here to bring it to you- the innovative small business owner who wants more. If you're unsure what use it could be for you, check out what Forbes contributor Ashley Stahl has to say about coaching.


Ready to get started? 

Let’s grab half an hour together so we can connect.
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